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Connection Setting dishwashers

Offer type: servicesPublished: 17.01.2014
Seller:kompaniya Igor' Ivanovich Uman'
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Address:Republic of Belarus, Minsk
Connection Installation of the dishwasher.
Installation Connecting a washing machine in Minsk.
Connection and installation of the stove, oven, cooktop and other appliances.
- The cost of a standard connection of washing machines, dishwashers in Minsk is: 215000 rubles, excluding materials.
- The cost of a standard connection, electric stove, oven, cooktop/surface is: 115000 rubles, excluding materials. Note: exit the wizard is from RB.
A specialist company "Uman" take all the necessary material and in one visit, one hour will be able to install and connect the washing machine in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the toilet or other convenient location. If necessary, conduct a separate outlet from the electrical panel.
Connecting a dishwasher and washing machine in Minsk
phone: 8(029) 112-82-34, 8(029) 555-76-87, 8(025) 613-90-77
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Our company carries out the connection and installation of household appliances: washing machines of different brands. Plug-in electric stoves, ovens, cooktop and other appliances.
It is not recommended to install household appliances independently. Professional approach, the use of modern equipment and experience working with nodes of different levels of complexity allows our staff to quickly handle any installation. The connection of washing machines in Minsk held at a convenient time for the customer. Our staff will go to any current Minsk for the installation of household appliances.
It must be remembered that unskilled installing a dishwasher or washing machine can not only lead to the breakdown of household appliances, but also to repair in case of water leakage. Savings on call an experienced specialist may result in substantial costs to repair the private house and apartment neighbors.
The connection of washing machines
After buying a washing machine transport bolts for fixing the tank must be removed. Professional wizard will correctly pick up everything needed to install a washing machine parts and features: clamps, wire, duct tape, sealants, siphons and hoses.
When mounting the equipment should be installed in close proximity to a source of current, a source of cold water and sewer system. If the machine was purchased before the apartment or the house was well thought out installation options, our experts will advise on the methods of installation, optimum field installation techniques that minimize the cost of installing a washing machine.
Depending on the state of water supply experienced professionals carry out the following activities:
direct connection,
box tee for pipe directly to the washing machine. Thanks to valve, the water supply will be implemented in the machine as needed.
Connecting a dishwasher or washing machine with a sewage system can be done in several ways.
The drain hose is located in the tub, the sink. In this case, the hose washing equipment must be securely fixed so that during the spin cycle or drain hose is not dropped on the floor, and no water has flooded the apartment.
Continuous variant of the installation of the washing machine to the Sewerage system is more reliable. For this purpose it is necessary to hold the box in the sewer pipe, to arrange the disposition of washing equipment.
When the connection of washing machines in the grid, you must use a sealed receptacle with grounding, which is equipped with a cover. Experts will help you to install a grounded power socket, if one is not provided by the plan apartments. If necessary, from the panel to the technique will be announced three-core cable.
Connect the dishwasher
Inspection of the dishwasher. After removal of the conveyor mounts new machines, you must carefully consider the location: the length of the drain hose should not exceed 1.5 meters. When increasing the length of the hose increases the load on the pumps.
The water supply. At customer's request, the city of Minsk in the organization of water supply can be carried out installation of filter that provides deep cleaning of water, prevents the penetration into a dishwasher sand, rust.
Organization of drain. Install the bypass valve will prevent the entrance of water in the dishwashing equipment of the sewer system or shell.
The inclusion of dishwasher machines in the grid. Schuko socket outlets will protect from electric shocks, as well as prolong the life of the equipment, fencing plugs and wires from overheating and burnout.
Run the dishwasher. Idle start with a special detergent should be carried out to test the operation of machinery and tightness of all connections. The remains of the factory grease is washed out together with particles of debris that may be present in the new device. The wizard checks the following parameters: the rate of water intake, the presence of extraneous noise, the temperature of the heating, the efficiency of the drain, there is no leakage, the operation of drying.
After connecting dishwashers and washing machines, skilled craftsmen of our company in Minsk give consultation on operation of machinery, its maintenance and the timing routine diagnostics. The company's specialists also offer affordable repair services, diagnostics, service washing machines from different manufacturers: Bosch, Aeg, Zanussi, LG, Ariston, Ardo, Electrolux, Siemens, Candy.
On our website are the phone numbers in Minsk, on which customers can obtain information and to clarify the costs for services connection.
Phones: 8(029) 112-82-34, 8(029) 555-76-87, 8(025) 613-90-77
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