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Sell portable analyzer metals Delta Premium

Offer type: salePublished: 17.01.2014
Seller:Maksim Leonidovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Rostov oblast', Rostov-on-Don
Delta Premium designed to determine the chemical composition of materials in the production environment. Optimization of silicon drift (SDD) detector with a diameter of 30 mm provides the highest speed and precision analyzer for models in this class, including the analysis of light elements (Mg, Si, Al, and others).
Is used for any analytical tasks in all industries, primarily for analysis of metals and alloys, sort of secondary steelmaking raw materials, input control products, exploration, mining and so on, Also non-destructive quantitative multi-element analysis of materials with unknown chemical composition x-ray fluorescence method. Analysis of samples or objects of any shape and in any state (solid, granular, powder, liquids and suspensions), including heterogeneous in their chemical composition.
More detailed information about the device you can get on the website