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Sandstone yellow brown on the pallet

Offer type: salePublished: 17.01.2014
Seller:vasil'ev pavel
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Stone, natural Sandstone Lugansk mastroeni color of stone common yellow brown stone thickness from 10mm. to 70mm. under the order .The stone is perfectly smooth on both sides . Used for lining the interior and exterior spaces as well as for paving , patios , pavements and roads . The thickness .
10-15mm. -50kV.m 1 pallet.
20mm.-CV.m 1 pallet.
30.-30kV.m 1 pallet.
40mm.-23kv.m 1 pallet.
50mm.-20kV.m 1 pallet.
Price 1 pallet-600 UAH
Specifications Country of origin Ukraine ordering Information Price: UAH 15./square meters packing: Data item type ulladulla on wooden pallets alcahuete film stretch and is packaged in packaging nylon tape .