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Small cargo lift

Offer type: salePublished: 28.09.2018
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Address:Russian Federation
The main scope of small freight elevators are restaurants, bars, canteens, small warehouses, archives and other facilities where there is a need for fast moving small loads between floors. Install a small lift will save time and will greatly simplify the work of the waiters and other staff.
Our company is engaged in the design and production of small cargo lifts throughout Russia almost all types, designs, sizes and capacities.
Typical dimensions of our cabins lifts with capacity of 100 and 250 kg:
HH mm
HH mm
HH mm
The cabin is made of sheet metal, painted with enamel or from food or decorative stainless steel. Upgradable with additional cabins removable shelves.
The lifts are equipped with two types of doors to choose from: either a conventional hinged door (single or double), or vertically-sliding door with counterweight. And swing, and a vertically sliding doors are made of enamel-painted sheet metal and decorative stainless steel. The location of the doorway as possible we service height (900 mm above floor level and the floor level.
It is possible to manufacture a lift with self-supporting metal frame and shaft for installation in an aperture in the ceiling. Also can be manufactured in existing monolithic mine.
All small freight lifts, manufactured by B-Line, equipped with all necessary safety systems, Elevator automation and have all the necessary accompanying documentation.