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Buy used tools: screwdriver, hammer drill, angle grinder and other tools

Offer type: buyPublished: 13.01.2014
Seller:Semashko Dmitrij
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast'
You are a professional engaged in construction and repair? Or live in a private house? And may you have a favourite summer? Or you just like to do something with your hands? In this case you certainly are a variety of tools: screwdriver, grinder, hammer and other tools.
Now in building supermarkets and specialty stores are a lot of new power tools that are so eager to buy. But they cost a lot.
We offer you the perfect solution: sell your old tools to us and get the money to buy a new one.
Our Internet shop equipment buys power tools of different manufacturers and models of compressors Boo, chainsaws Boo, guns Boo, screwdrivers Boo, welding machines Boo, the Bulgarians Bo, crcular Boo and other electric tools .
Even if your instrument is defective or broken - it doesn't matter. We buy electric tool parts immediately after the diagnosis of problems and evaluation.
Sell electric has been in use in our shop is very easy. You need to contact us by phone or email, to bring to the service center of your power tools used and immediately on the spot to get the money.