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Buy laptops used/for parts

Offer type: buyPublished: 13.01.2014
Seller:Semashko Dmitrij
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast'
You want to sell the laptop in Kiev?
Our service center "GREEN SERVICE" buys laptops/used, non-working laptops or notebooks for parts in Kiev. We will buy any laptop manufacturer and model and in any condition.
You can sell your laptop through the Internet flea market, on the market or friend, but the fastest and safest option is to sell the laptop through the store.
Sale ad:
• you have the opportunity to sell the laptop a bit more expensive, but at the time it may take a few months;
• no one can guarantee you that your laptop will be the buyer;
• it's easy to become a victim of fraud and in the agreement to be without a laptop and money;
• the new owner will call You on technical matters, as his new acquaintance;
• it is very difficult to sell a faulty laptop or sell the laptop for parts;
• organizational inconvenience - you need to choose a place to meet an unknown buyer with the ability to check the laptop.
Sale laptop in our store:
• the money you receive immediately after the diagnosis and approval of rates;
• no fraud, we are an official organization;
• comfortable fully equipped service centre for sale and check;
• we buy damaged, flooded with laptops or buy laptop for parts;
• at your request we are ready to execute the contract of sale of laptop;
• no phone calls from the us after the sale, we evaluate and diagnose the laptop in place and do not ask unnecessary questions.
Just give us a call and our company will buy the laptop Boo that already you don't need , quickly and profitably for you.