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PP Protectins ( Kiev): emergency repairs ( replacement, installation of doors, locks.

Offer type: servicesPublished: 09.01.2014
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Kyiv
Locks, Door Repair, Replacement, Installation (Kiev): 044-384-16-30 - ( a departure of the master on the examination ).
Locks, Doors, Door Closers, Install, Cut, Replace, Insert, Open, Lock.
To insert, cut, replace, lock, repair, installation of door.
Videophones, video surveillance, electric lock, access control.
Limiting access (keys, tablets, cards, key chains).
Obuka, covering, installation, restoration, repair, replacement, installation of doors.
Installation of door closers, videophones, code locks, electric locks.
Repair ( installation ) of locks, doors and exit the wizard at the inspection.
Replacement cover ( upholstery ) doors ( 6 species cover, not only the door to the shop ).
Materials: MDF panels, laminate, veneer, leather, leatherette, corvini.
Quality selection of accessories: eyes, pens, chirality, latches, hinges.
Proprement - replacement doors, welding, protection locks.
Replacement ( opening ) locks ( when keys are lost without damage to the armored door.
Castles made in Russia, Italy, Spain, Israel.
Experience 15 years. Warranty from 5 to 8 years.
PP Protections
( 050 ) 462-92-43
( 063 ) 237-89-81
( 096 ) 682-95-25
Kyiv and region
Kiev, lock, door, repair, replacement, installation, upholstery, lining, padding, lining, obuka, door closers, box, insert, replace, install