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Minium lead

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Minium is hard and chemically resistant substance. The chemical composition of minium is plumbat lead Pb2PbO4, the total formula Pb3O4, having a rich red-orange color and high density.
Minium is used as a very high-quality orange pigment and a ground, and is also used as filler in rubber products and plastics. Minium is a strong oxidizing agent, and this is due to high anticorrosion properties of paints based on it: reacts with iron, it oxidizes it to obtain a thick film of black oxide of iron(II), insoluble in water and impermeable to oxygen from the air. Covered with lead minium steel construction will not rust even in sea water, but in most countries the production of colors from red lead is very limited due to its toxicity. A large volume of use is the use of lead oxide in the glass (crystal, optical glass, radiation-resistant and safety glass). A certain value it has as a desiccant, catalyst, component lead caulking". Small in size, but a very important sector of the use of red lead is the use of it for protection from gamma radiation and to obtain other compounds of lead dioxide, carbonate, acetate, etc. A small, but important, minium is in the production of thermite explosives.
Minium also in the form of PbO (sometimes Pb3O4) is one of the main reactants of the assay, collectiuon noble metals from the melt the ore charge. The degree of solubility of gold and silver in the lead, the resulting assay melting, unlimited.