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Thuja occidentalis Smaragd 130, 150, 190, 210, 230 cm Kiev to buy.

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Price:250 UAH
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Wholesale and retail sale of TUI Western Emerald (Thuija occidentallis Smaragd) in the growth 120-130, 140-160, 180-200, 220-220, 210-230 cm with a professional wholesale trading platform company "D-Shego", located directly in Kyiv (R-n m "Left Bank"). All TUI grown in Ukraine on the professional kennel of our companies in climate zone 6B, fully comparable with the terms of Kiev area. When growing use of advanced technologies in the field crop production (growing in pure alumina, regular disinfection, aeration and prestrike minimized with the use of chemical remedies and the complete absence of growth stimulants). All plants are of excellent quality specifications grade: correct broadly pyramidal form, rich smaragdovy color, dense equilateral gasket needles, holistic coma native soil (clay), not scattered at the harvesting/transportation packaging in balancing the grid, allowing to achieve high performance at rooting and survival at the level of 99-100%.

Constantly in available in Kyiv wholesale party TUI Western Emerald in these growths that providing for Your easy selection of any necessary quantities.

Wholesale prices, system of discounts, assistance in transportation, selection,planting, permanent best povia landscape architects and designers.

With detailed illustrations and descriptions of the varieties, directions can be found on our website; with the quality and range of products on our site, the street address of Sagaidak 101 b (Kyiv, m left); all additional interest You questions, please call: