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bleaching powder, calcium carbide

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

 coal Bau

salt in the briquettes for animals

salt in briquettes

hydrogen peroxide

sulfate potassium,

sulfate magnesium 7 (water),

soda soda GOST 5100-85,

soda caustic granule

soda caustic, scales

soda food

salt preformed

salt 1 grind

Sol 3rd grind

salt technical

salt ammonium


chlorine lime 1-grade

chlorine lime 3-grade (Volgograd)

nitrate potassium (Ukraine),

sodium nitrate (Ukraine),

salt Extra,


trisodium phosphate

coal BAU

silicagel IBCS, XCG

anhydride chrome,

hydrochloride sodium brand And (filling),

glycerin (the FAS. 12.5 kg.),

isopropyl alcohol,

potassium monophosphate,

calcium chloride, pellets. (Romania),

calcium chloride food, pellets.,


carbide calcium (Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, China, Slovakia) packing 2-120,

carburizer charcoal

acetic acid

acid nitrogen

acid lemon

orthophosphoric acid food 85%,


sulphate of copper,


salt Mora,

trisodium phosphate,

neccersarily ammonium,

potassium nitrate (potassium nitrate)

calcium nitrate (calcium nitrate)

ammonium nitrate ( ammonium nitrate)

sodium nitrate ( Chile saltpeter)

urea ( urea)

magnesium sulfate ( magnesium sulfate)

potassium sulphate ( sulphate of potash)

monopotassium phosphate

phosphoric acid 85% cans

chelate iron

manganese sulfate

copper sulphate ( sulphate of copper)

iron sulphate (sulphate of iron)

boric acid

ammonia water

nitrogen acid

zinc sulfate

carbide calcium

mono calcium phosphate

glass liquid