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Film for wrapping silage

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Film for packing silage

The proposed new packaging material for the storage of hay and silage. The unique product has major advantages:

• unstable weather conditions during the harvesting process does not play a role;

 • haylage with humidity up to 55% can be Packed in agro-film;

 • feed is stored without significant loss of forage qualities;

• Packedth in the film feed, easy to store anywhere, even without shelter;

 • the weight of the rolls handy when dosed feeding livestock;

 • rolls fireproof;

 • haylage perfectly stored up to two years;

 • increases the efficiency and profitability of production of milk and meat;

 • increased culture production;

 • nutritional qualities haylage is significantly superior to the silo.

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