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Stretch film with perforation

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Stretch wrap with perforation

We offer perforated, pre-stretched stretch wrap, which is used for pallet wrap with products that require air circulation.

 Advantages use:

 • Addressing water vapor condensation, mold, humidity. The goods are not perishable, the label is not loose, NOT moved, not spread from moisture.

 • Lower costs on the packaging. The cost of a single package, wrapped in perforated film, is reduced compared to a conventional film due to the film thickness and, respectively, reduces the price per meter.

 • Excellent the elasticity. The film has a high level of adhesion and elasticity, despite her preliminary stretching.

 • Resistance to the rupture. The strength of the film, despite its reduced thickness, remains quite high.

 • Reduced time for freezing. Due to perforation greatly accelerated the process of freezing

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Guaranteed tensile, % 60

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