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Liquid glass ( sodium silicate)

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Liquid glass

- an aqueous alkaline solution of sodium silicate (Na2Si2O3)n

Liquid glass is Characteristic of the chemical composition of liquid glass is a silicate module. The module shows the ratio of the liquid contained in the glass and silicon dioxide to sodium oxide or potassium oxide and characterizes the output of the silica in the solution.

Liquid glass
• environmentally friendly
• odorless
• fireproof
• stable at high temperatures
• freezes at temperatures below 0°C, thawing retains its properties

The field of application of liquid glass:

Liquid glass is used in soap, fat, chemical, machine-building, textile, paper industry, including, for the production of cardboard packaging. Technological simplicity of receiving it provides a fairly low price liquid glass, which is also an advantage among similar materials.

In the chemical industry for the production of silica, lead silicate, sodium metasilicate.

In the construction of liquid glass is used to protect the foundations from groundwater, waterproofing walls, floors and ceilings of the basement, device pools. Suitable for the bonding and ligaments of building materials, the manufacture of acid-resistant, fire-resistant silicate and refractory masses. They can be glued paper, cardboard, glass, porcelain.

In foundries - as a flotation reagent in mineral processing.

Liquid glass can be impregnated fabric, paper, cardboard and wood products to make them more density and fire resistance. The material has been successfully used for the manufacture of silicate paints, adhesives, detergents and cleaners, as a protective means when cutting and wounding of trees.