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The production of RVS and CSG, tanks with heater and EP, pressure vessels, gas tanks and tanks

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:OOO TPK "Stella"
Seller:Ryindin Andrej Viktorovich
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Address:Russian Federation

Manufacture of tanks, storage tanks, heat exchangers.

Wednesday water, oil, gas, chemical liquids.

Pressure up to 16 MPA.

Manufacturing period of 30-45 days.

Provide services of design, installation, commissioning!


Tank and vessel equipment: Tanks underground, aboveground tanks, vertical Tanks(100 RVS,RVS 200,RVS 300,400 RVS,RVS 500,THE BS 700,RVS 1000,RVS 2000, RVS 3000,RVS 4000, THE BS 5000,RVS 10000, RVS 20000, RVS 30000, RVS 50000, RVS 100000), horizontal tanks( 3 CSG,the CSG 5, 10 CSG, the CSG 15, CSG 20,PN 25, PN 30, PN 40,PN 50, PN 60, CSG 70, CSG 75, CSG 100, Tanks for stations, Tanks for the chemical industry, storage Tanks petroleum products with insulation, heated Tanks for rainwater, for industrial wastewater, drinking water,Tanks Fire, Capacitance water storage and fuel Capacity horizontal drainage type heated with heater, EP,Containers for storage and collection of chemical products,Tanks,Filters liquid net.

Vessels, vessels under pressure, Gas type HS

Separators oil and gas type of the NHS, NGSV,Candle separators,Filter separators,Rotary separators - separators of the type RSCU,Separators flare-type FS,Sumps type S,HO,HE, Filters - strainers pipeline type FGS, FY, V. velocity of fgg front,Tanks for LPG, propane, butane,steel Capacitive devices the catalog of CONTAINERTYPES,gas Filters,Apparatus which functions to clean gas Vessels working under pressure up to 16 MPa,Dearator Receptacles pressure,Drives,Capacitive equipment for the oil and gas industry,Capacitive equipment for oil refining industry,Capacitive equipment for the chemical industry.

Containers for transportation:Tank containers

For bulk materials: Silos for cement Silos for receiving bards,Bins bulk materials,Bunkers, silos for grain storage.

Other equipment: Receivers (hydrogen, argon, air, oxygen, nitrogen),Clarifiers, air Collectors