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biocatalysts fuel combustion

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:90 UAH
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The BIOCATALYST BURNING MPG-BOOST ™ is a versatile liquid concentrate used on all types of vehicles both in warm and in cold season. Is added to gasoline or diesel according to the dosages.
The result of combustion catalysts MPG-BOOST ™ is:
• Improving the environmental characteristics of engines, due to more complete combustion of the fuel (reduction of emissions of CO, CH and NxO in the exhaust gases by 60-90%;
• Reduce specific fuel consumption by 7-14% (official data of the company); the actual data in Ukraine depending on the type of engine: the city of 10-20% / track 15-35%;
• Protection of the fuel system, the engine and the catalytic Converter from low-quality fuel;
• Cleaning of the combustion chamber, valves, plugs, injectors and gazovyhlopa tract of carbon;
• Improved acceleration dynamics of the vehicle by increasing the capacity and efficiency of the engine;
• Reduction of thermal and mechanical strength of the engine and valves;
• Reduced wear and longer engine life; reducing the noise of the engine;
• Increased turnaround periods of the engine.