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Wooden jugs 3-30L stand

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:410 UAH
Company:Internet-magazin 'EcoBochka'
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Myronivka

The oak barrel on stand 3-30L will appeal to those who like to make homemade drinks and those who love these drinks are consumed. Jug oak is a durable container from the oak wood, equipped with a tap and tube. Special stand securely locks capacity, giving it the correct position. Wooden barrel - a perfect gift for real men.

Barrel oak stand with hoops made of galvanized steel.
Jug oak stand 3 l PCs 410 UAH
Jug oak stand 5 l PCs 450 UAH
Jug oak stand 10 L. 585 PCs UAH
Jug oak stand 15 HP PCs UAH 665
Jug oak stand 30 L. 935 PCs UAH

Barrel oak stand with stainless steel hoops.

Jug oak stand 3 l PCs 445 UAH
Jug oak stand 5 l PCs 490 USD
Jug oak stand 10 l PCs 660 UAH
Jug oak stand 15 L. 755 PCs UAH
Jug oak stand 30 L. 1130 PCs UAH

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These oak barrels will last 100 years or more if cared for properly.
Produced tubs of pickled cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, oak barrels for wine, brandy, spirits, whisky, brandy, beer, kvass.
For bath make round and oval fonts of different size, supernice for brooms, oblivnye device (cold shower, a bucket-waterfall), buckets, mugs, wooden buckets, gang, tub, etc.
Under the order will produce crappy wooden casks, barrels and tubs for larger plants, trees, palms, wooden barrels in the form of a table and stools, slices of barrels on the wall, etc.
All wooden products are made without the use of glues, varnishes, paints or any other chemical compounds
Due to the wide range everyone can find a product made of wood like. Barrels oak barrels for wine, liqueurs and brandies, buy in Brovary, Kiev, Ukraine. Brands, brandy, beer, pickles.

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