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Oval font of oak, wooden tub,custom

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:7 600 UAH
Company:Internet-magazin 'EcoBochka'
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Myronivka

The most popular today are the font of oak. They could not be better suited as an alternative to snow or ice hole for adoption contrast hydrotherapeutic procedures. And at any time of the year will be on hand. Doctors say that such a sharp change of temperature modes help reduce the symptoms of many diseases (colds, anemia, rheumatism, headaches). However, the use of a wooden hot tub and it is necessary not only in the "cold" mode.

Upon contact of the wood with warm and hot water wall wooden font, allocate specific tannins, pectins, pentosans, quercetin, Gallic acid, the utility of which is difficult to overestimate. The fact that these substances have health effects on the human body proved both folk and official medicine. Warm water (about 30° C) helps normalize sleep, keeping the tone and hot (40° C) helps to accelerated cellular regeneration of the skin (thanks to heal wounds faster and faster the process of scarring). In General, water treatments in oak tub beneficial effect on cardiovascular, and nervous system.

However, procedures to benefit, not harm, it is necessary when selecting the font to make sure that in its manufacture have not been used various chemicals, lacquer or polymer coating. Our firm ensures that our proposed Coopers ' products (including wooden hot tubs) to meet the highest standards of quality established for such products. And also the fact that they are made in the spirit of the best home-made traditions. All font - pools available by custom order.