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The tetraethoxysilane (TEOS) TU: 2435-419-05763441-2003

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Seller:Oleg Silant'ev
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
The tetraethoxysilane (TEOS) Tetraethoxysilane TU: 2435-419-05763441-2003 Synonyms: teratology ester of articlenews acid, tetraethylorthosilicate, tetraethylsilane, ether tetracyclinebuy acid. International title: CAS 78-10-4 Tetraethyl orthosilicate, Silane, tetraethoxy, Tetraethyl orthosilicate; Ethyl silicate; Tetraethoxysilane; JH-T28 Silane Caupling; AgentTetraethoxysilane; Empirical formula:Si (C2H5O) 4 Toxicological hazard class substances: IV UN no: 1292 Scope: the manufacture of precision casting for the preparation of the binder solutions in the manufacture of ceramic molds; as a binder in the heat-resistant, chemical - and weather-resistant coatings and in other areas where after hydrolysis in an alkaline medium, drying or calcining need to get a durable, solid material, insoluble in water, resistant to high temperatures and does not have corrosive action; in medicine as a binder in the manufacture of dental prostheses; in construction to impregnate the wood with the purpose of giving her resistance to the action of bacteria; in the chemical industry to produce reactive silicon dioxide and ethylcellosolve liquids; in the optical industry for the production of fiber optic materials; to produce pure silicon dioxide and tetraethoxysilane purity; as a reagent for organic synthesis. Teratology ester of articlenews acid. Storage conditions: the Tetraethoxysilane is stored in closed warehouses far from heating devices, avoiding the direct sunlight. Warranty period: 12 months from date of manufacture. Packing: IBC1000L at 940 kg net. Transportation: rail and road transport. The drawing number of the label according to GOST 19433: 3. Classification code groups of dangerous goods: GOST 19433 - 3353, when transported by rail - 3013. Packing group: 3. Made in China, packaged in IBC100L at 940 kg. The warehouse in MO. Shipment of any transportation company in the region Tel: +7915-2922492 EM: