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Sodium formate (sodium muravlensky) from China

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:OOO Kitajskaya kompaniya 'Xin Xing'
Seller:Van Liliya
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Sodium formate (sodium muravlensky):

Chemical formula: HCOONa
Registration number CAS no.: 141-53-7

Payment terms: T/T
Shipping: Delivery to the destination station, sending Costanera Railway from China.


•in the chemical industry;
•in the leather industry - reduces the content of formic acid in the skin (neutralization of the skin), is used as a tanning agent;
•in the textile industry sodium pickle fabric in dyeing;
•widely used in oil production;
•in construction is added to the concrete as antifreeze and plasticizing additive component.

Mass fraction: 93%, 95%, 97%, 98%.


Products are Packed in polypropylene bags with a capacity of 25 kg.
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