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Manual mechanical tool for polypropylene strapping tape

Offer type: salePublished: 27.01.2013
Seller:Popereshnyak Sergej
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Address:Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast', Donetsk
Mechanical hand tools - tool for tensioning and fastening polyester tape and strapping tape with the help of straps and buckles. Used for fixing bricks, tiles on pallets, blocks,strapping lumber and other products. Machine for polypropylene tape also serves as an important tool in the work with a polypropylene tape. Developed special equipment for strapping tape
Ticks - professional mechanical packing hand tools used in the crimping of metal scrap. Apply crimp tool for bonding metal clamps (lock, seal) all polypropylene tape. In the end, crimping clamp tongs it becomes wavy in shape, giving a durable and reliable fastening of the ends of the tape. Packaging polypropylene tape clamps with pliers is the most cost-effective and efficient way.
The tensioner polypropylene tape - professional packaging mechanical hand tools used for working with polypropylene tape (strapping). The tensioner is designed for tension polypropylene tapes, of a width of 12-19 mm, before fastening the metal clamps or buckles. Using the tensioner packaging is performed by means of ties and strapping goods (furniture, boxes, bundles, pallets, packing group) polypropylene tape.
The tensioner is convenient and easy to use. There are 2 ways of its usage:
1. Used as a standalone tool when working with polypropylene or metal buckles;
2. When working with clamps-ticks in the complex.
Device for plastic ribbons combo is a professional packaging mechanical hand tools, used for wrapping and packaging polypropylene ribbon goods, boxes, pallets, furniture, packages, etc.
The combined device combines practical in a single housing:
• pliers for metal scrap;
• tensioner polypropylene tape;
• the knife to cut the excess tape.
The combined device for plastic tapes allows a single operation to perform 3 functions:
1. the tension around the polypropylene packaging tape;
2. clamp bracket (used) polypropylene tape;
3. cutting off the free end of the tape.
The combined device provides excellent tension of the tape, durable clamp mounting clamp and cutting the tape at the required interval from a clamp. This greatly improves the quality of the packaging, reduces time and saves consumables.