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Shrink packaging lines

Offer type: salePublished: 27.01.2013
Seller:Popereshnyak Sergej
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Address:Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast', Donetsk
Automatic shrink packaging lines are designed for packaging products of different types and sizes in the film (PVC, polyethylene, polyolefin). Shrink equipment automatically group items in the block, followed by wrapping it with shrink film, sealing film and shrink it in the shrink tunnel (the chambers).
Automatic line are formed from separate filling and packaging machines for specific tasks of production, and can be connected with other production lines: from dosing-filling up of Thermopack and palletizing.
Quick setup shrink equipment, high efficiency of heat shrinkage, favorable price, versatility in application, easy maintenance, wide adjustment range welding time of sealing, the temperature of the welding equipment and shrink tunnel (thermal cameras). Automatic shrink packaging lines provide performance, good quality and stability of the weld.
The system of the holders of the roll of film, packing, motors, fan, outer panel, the heating elements can be removed from the machine without removing other components. In addition:
- high degree of reliability and versatility of operation;
- modular equipment and free access to all components of the line;
- ease of installation and maintenance, reducing operating costs;
- structural elements are corrosion-resistant coating;
-adjustable performance shrink equipment;
-automatic termino;
-effective shrink tunnel (chambers).