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GSM - шлюз SPRUT Universal

Offer type: salePublished: 22.01.2013
Seller:Stanislavovich Dmtirij
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Address:Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast', Donetsk
The scope of
1.A quick telephone stationary objects that are difficult or not economically feasible to bring wired communication.
2.Temporary, stationary and moving objects.
3.Ordinary objects in order to replace the wired telephone communications to save financial costs for communication services.
4.Data transmission and telemetry, as well as alerting users.
5.Control of external devices.
This GSM Gateway SPRUT Universal implements the entire volume of the tasks of routing calls, thus solving two main problems. This stable bond with each employee individually, and the office as a whole, plus the actual cost savings.
Sprut Universal simply and quickly integrated into the PBX. This Sprut Universal connects an outside line (PBX is programmed to transfer through it all calls to mobile phones), and the device undertakes further work on diverting the call. Thereby increases the functionality of the use of telephone. And at the same time reduces the cost of mobile communications in 5-10 times.
1.Use the device in the stationary mode of the GSM terminal. You have a large number of employees... Almost all of them have their mobile phones... You already corporate communication. Left all link into one cohesive whole.
In the end, You will be always in touch with them. While saving both your money and Your employees. All calls as nutria enterprise and limit it, whether landline or mobile number will be charged at a minimum. You can refuse heap do not need wires and desktop phones. With this high-capacity phone book 300 subscribers, where you can configure the access terminal for each individual.
2. The operation of the device with a PBX. Connecting Sprut Universal to public telephone line, a mobile subscriber receives calls from mobile to fixed landlines on-net tariff. And becomes available calls internal subscribers of the PBX to the GSM network (the set of mobile and international numbers via package "Unlimited").
3. Device operation mode of the GSM modem and PC Fax and SMS messages. Sprut Universal can be used as a GSM modem to receive/send faxes and scan.copies on a personal computer with the help of special programs. Another feature is the sending of short text messages (SMS). Both mass and individual newsletter. This can be a warning indication.
4. Control of the actuators and sensors. Here provides remote control of actuators and sensors. You can enable or disable any device (lighting, ventilation, close-to open the gate. The list could continue indefinitely).