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Tea tree oil Camellia "Tibeoil" 375ml.Tibemed.

Offer type: salePublished: 19.02.2022
Seller:Nechiporenko Alyona
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For the whole family! Healthy beauty of Your family! The energy and youthfulness of Your family!
Camellia oil is used in Tibet for more than 1000 years. Use it in cooking,cosmetics and Leche.-professional purposes.
*It lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood;
*Reduces General fatigue,Ukr.immunity and status.gastro-Kish. sphere,increases antioxidant protection of the organism.
*Helps to reduce pressure in existing hypertension. For the prevention of coronary heart disease,prevention of diabetes and hypertension.
*Has excellent taste qualities: ideal for salads and cold dishes, fish dishes and seafood. It will open up the natural taste of Your meals and will become indispensable in your kitchen.
Useful for kids who need to correct a vitamin diet, pregnant and lactating mothers for the proper growth of the brain and nervous system of children.
*Easily distributed on the surface of the skin, absorbs quickly. For skin repair and maintain normal water balance. Has a rejuvenating and tonic action that promotes profilaktike formation of wrinkles and smoothing the existing ones.
Enhances the protective functions of the skin, reduces the risk of pigmentation, reduces the tendency of the skin to the formation of freckles, dark circles under the eyes. For the healing of burns, reduce scars and stretch marks, spots from acne.
*as a means for care of hair and scalp. Eliminates itching due to allergic reactions, dermatological diseases or dandruff. Hair gain a healthy Shine. Has no contraindications.Recommended for widespread use, including allergies. Manufacturer: LLC "Bioengineering company of Tibet "Zhen-Kang" (Corporation TIBEMED") Details on the website
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