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Parts 6NVD48A2U, NVDAO, 8NVD48A2U, NVDAO, NVDAO, 6NVD48A-2U, 6NVD48AU, 8NVD36-1, NVD26, NVD48-2, G,CN/46,

Offer type: salePublished: 17.01.2013
Seller:Koval'kov Andrej Vladimirovich
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Address:Ukraine, Khersons'ka Oblast', Kherson
8NVD36-1, NVD26, NVD48-2, G,CN/46,G,G,G,CNR/45, SKODA6S160, SKODA6L160PNS, SKODA6S27,AL,6VD26/20, D, D, 3D6, 3D12, D, C/22, J/22, CN/22, CSP/22, CNSP/22, CSPN/22, C/34, engine 6chn25/34, C,5/13, C,5/11,
NVD48-2, NVD48A-2, NVD48-2U, NVD48A-2U, 8NVD48-2, 8NVDS48-2, 8NVDS48A-2, 6NVD48AU, 8NVD48AU
The cylinder block, piston, Gear, cylinder head gasket, finger piston, bearing shells, connecting rod, (ramowy, crank), cylinder head, (cylinder head assy), sea water pump, pump, fresh water, camshaft, connecting rod, rocker arm, intake valve, exhaust valve, crankshaft flywheel (crankshaft), fuel pump (fuel injection equipment), plunger pair, nozzles, injectors, spark intensity, water temperature sensor, cylinder liner (sleeve), sleeve VGS, piston rings, napravlyauschie valves, manifold, wheel, thrust ring, rocker, sea water pump, pump, fresh water, turbocharger, gaskets, radiator, relay, speed, starter, generator, tube, high-pressure, fuel filter, oil filter, refrigerator water, refrigerator oil-water, water water, reverse gear, the intermediate disk, and other
Power 10kW, 30kW, 50 kW, 75kW, 100kW, 200kW, but, but.-Wt.(Kolomna Diesel generator DGRA 1500/1500 OM3-based diesel D)
3D6 Reverse gear, forward gear 1:3,07 back 1:2,96 weight of 470 kg,
C/14 Reverse gear RRP, 1:2, the Reverse-gear RRP, 1:3,
The separator SP-1,5, SP-3, (SC,5;SC), Compressor K2-150, OC-1, AKA-2/150-1(2), AKPA-2/150-3(4), P-1-02(PE-6)
Pumps, ESN/B ESN/I NZV-250/20A, NZW/30, NZW/30, NSU-3
Repair Quality repair of engines and spare parts.Ship fittings, Anchors, Chains, Electrical equipment.
Website: TIALER.NAROD.RU Email:
phone +38050-0656409, +38098-3913730, Fax +380552443370 Andrew. Ukraine, Kherson, Quarantine island 1