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The reflector telescope Sky-Watcher EQ3 15012

Offer type: salePublished: 09.01.2013
Seller:Ivanov Alexandr Tsena: 8500 grn
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150-mm compact telescope Newton c Equatorial mount with micrometer screws on both axes. Easy to assemble without tools Telescope-reflector Sky-Watcher BK P15012EQ3-2 is a classic mirror telescope Newton lens diameter 150 mm, It can be safely recommended as for observations of the moon and planets, and for observations of deep-sky objects: star clusters, nebulae, galaxies. Mountains and craters on the moon, light and dark cloud belts of Jupiter's Red Spot and a system of satellites, the rings of Saturn, the sea, channels and polar caps of Mars, the phases of mercury and Venus, countless objects of our Galaxy and the Universe... Every night you will discover something new!
Combining high-quality optics and mechanics, the telescope Sky-Watcher BK P15012EQ3-2 is designed and built as a serious beginner and more experienced Amateur astronomy. Optics instrument provides sharp and high contrast images throughout the field of view, and the mechanics are very reliable and simple in operation.
The telescope is equipped with 2" crawfordesque of the focus node with landing for eyepieces 1.25" and 2”. "Focuser allows you to easily and accurately focuses on the sharpness and gives the opportunity to use the eyepieces any landing sizes.
The telescope is mounted on an Equatorial mount German type EQ3-2. The axis of this mount is installed in the high-quality bearings, it is also equipped with precision worm gears. This results in an extremely high smoothness of doing. The tool comes with aluminum tripod with adjustable height of the telescope.
In the basic configuration the telescope can be used for astrophotography of the moon and planets, and the subject of hiring additional drives on both axes and a seeker of pole it is possible to do astrofotografie objects of deep Space.
Diameter of primary mirror: 150mm
Focal length: 1200mm
Penetrating power:13,6 (magnitude)
Weight: 27.00 kg
The eyepiece Super 25mm (40x), 1,25"
The eyepiece Super 10 mm (100x), 1,25"
Achromatic Barlow lens 2 with T-adapter
Finder h
Aluminum tripod