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Raccoon? No, not a raccoon. Unusual and cool character...

Offer type: otherPublished: 01.03.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk

This, quite unusual dog name is Chuchundra (Cucei).
The color of her rare, raccoon, all the envy, and the nature of gold, sun, fun, but very responsible.
Chucha three years of his life perfectly learned that all that is dear to her, must be PROTECTED. And it protects qualitatively, in good faith, reliably and competently!

The girl is spayed, vaccinated, they have excellent health. She has only one drawback - the physical, which is evident to the people, but does not prevent Coke to be the true dog. After a terrible, violent collision of the vehicle's wrong with her fused bones of the front legs and they were curved. But, believe me, it absolutely does not prevent her to be the best, quick, agile, fun and the perfect dog in the world.
You will love it, become its Master, and You will feel and experience all the devotion, loyalty and generosity of kind, open, sincere and bright dog's soul. 067 712 20 43 Jeanne
I write to you the letter I.
Call me Chucha.
Home would be, I'm cold
In dense forest!
Here the snow is knee-deep,
Some beasts,
I will take them,
I believe in you!
I will be the yard
To guard vigilantly,
Always to meet you
At the threshold with a smile.
And will boast,
You're lucky -
There are just dogs,
You have Chucha.