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Mesh woven stainless GOST 3826-82 steel 12X18H10T

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Seller:Gruppa Kompanij Stal'
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Address:Russian Federation, Omskaya Oblast', Omsk

The group of Companies 'Steel' offers to buy mesh woven stainless GOST 3826-82 steel 12X18H10T. All sizes mesh woven stainless GOST 3826-82 (cell x diameter a wire.): 0,4x0,2; 0,4x0,25; 0,h,25; 0,h,3; 0,h,25; 0,h,32; 0,7x0,28; 0,7x0,32mm; 0,8x0,32M; 0,9x0,36; 1,h,25; 1,I,32; 1,h,4; 1,1x0,36; 1,2x0,4; 1,4x0,45; 1,4x0,65; 1,h,4; 1,h,8; 1,8h0,45; 1,8h0,7; 2,h; 2,h; 2,h,6; 2,K,9; 2,h,0; 2,h,2; 2,2x0,45; 2,2x0,7; 2,h,5; 2,8h0,45; 2,8x0,9 m; 3,2x0,5; 3,2x0,8; 3,2x1,2; 3,h,7; 3,5x1,0; 4,h,6; 4,h,0; 4,h,2; 4,K,9; 5,j,7; 5,h,0; 5,h,2; 5,x,6; 5,h,0; 6,h,2; 6,h,0; 7,j,2; 8,h,7; 8,j,2; 8,h,6; 8,h,0; 10,j,0; 10,h,0; 12,h,0; 12,h,0; 14,CH,0; 14,CH,0; 16.0 x1,6; 16,h,5; 18,CH,0; 20,h,6; 20,h,0.

Also available mesh stainless "micro" TU 14-4-507-99 Art. 12X18H10T, mesh filter GOST 3187-76 Art. 12X18H10T, brass and bronze GOST 6613-86.

Perhaps manufacturing according to customer's drawings.

Send mesh woven in Russia and CIS. All products are certified. Mesh stainless inthe rest of their lives in stock in Yekaterinburg.

Online information call sales Group Companies "Steel".

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ROScs, 620017, , Ekaterinburg, street Front 18, building 2


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