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Waste food waste industrial waste food waste

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:2 000 RUR
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Address:Russian Federation, Krasnodarskiy Kray

From 1 ton of compost ( all waste) receive an average of 600 kg of vermicompost and 10 - 15 kg of worms.
But the most important difference between - worms "miner" are relatively easy to switch from one type of feed to another; they are adapted to the very different food substrate manure (cow, horse etc.,), kitchen waste, precipitation, wastewater, last year's leaves, paper, etc.
Recommend a plan of action for many gardeners:

2. Within one year, in a warm room, reproduced in a suitable capacity is up to 20...40 thousand individuals, is really, if you provide dostatochno food.
3. After this summer, you can produce duplicated a lot of worms in a pile of organic matter, scheduled for processing in vermicompost.
A simple calculation shows that VERMICOMPOST for farmers. Technology due to the time!
vermicompost is a 100% natural fertilizer;
vermicompost INCREASES the yield by 30-40%;
vermicompost ACCELERATES maturation, increases the content of vitamin C, improves the taste of the vegetables and fruits;
vermicompost REDUCES the incidence of plants due to the content of actinomycetes;
vermicompost IMPROVES the quality of lawns and prolongs the flowering periods;
vermicompost is EASY to use: simply in season one-time made locally under plants or in placer digging in spring or autumn;
vermicompost CONTAINS NO nitrates, pathogenic organisms, weed seeds;
vermicompost HOLDS in soil moisture.

Delivery in the regions of Russia.Belarus.or pickup.