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Branded plastic bags with flexographic printing

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Address:Russian Federation, Tul'skaya Oblast', Tula

A plastic bag was first used in America in 1957 for packing sandwiches. In Russia they appeared a little later. The older generation still remembers bags of thick gray paper, which weighed food. Think paper packaging cost quite expensive. Nowadays we can't imagine life without this little things, like the packaging bag, to buy plastic bags at any kiosk, store. He goes as related product. There is not a single handbags, which would lay a teabag.

Now plastic bags are for every taste in color, pattern and form. There are packages jerseys for comfortable carrying of heavy loads in them, they replaced the bags. Bags with handles are classified by weight, which can be transferred to them. Polyethylene for the manufacture of packages is low, medium and high density, is well protected from dirt and moisture. The high density polyethylene is also called a rustling, as products of a rustle. From such polyethylene produce bags with a loop and the handle.

Optional packages can be purchased transparent and translucent. Bags are very convenient, but there are also disadvantages them. This contamination of the soil of discarded packets. Therefore, when possible, it is desirable to use the package several times, not throwing it. Now begins to produce polyethylene, without a trace of decomposing under the action of air and moisture over time.

On the other hand, returning to the environment, trash bags make our cities cleaner, as the debris is scattered, and is closed.