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the proposed triflin

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:20 UAH
Seller:aleksandr kirichenko
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Address:P”yatykhatky, Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast'

Seeds can be purchased from us, Kiev, Kharkov and, in piatykhatky (Dnipropetrovsk region) or at the Department of "New mail", "Intime". Contact El. address:


We offer seeds from 20,00 to 35.00 USD per kg

The proposed triflin excellent quality !Delivery in Ukraine cheap !

Triflin - iron powder for cleaning rapeseed, clover, alfalfa, clover, flax, Timothy grass and other perennial grasses from seeds of weeds on magnetocrystalline machines
Technical characteristics of Tripolina
1.Humidity is not more than 1, 2% (i.e., dry)
2.The residue after sieving sieve No. 045 MK. Is not more than 0, 6%
3.Magnetic power is not less than 95% (i.e., high adhesion to MAGN.drum)
4.Consumption when cleaning - 7-12kg per 1 ton of seeds (from pollution).
Results after treatment and seed treatment using Tripolina
1.Complete removal of quarantine weeds seeds of perennial grasses.
2.Germination of seeds of perennial grasses increased by 3 to 5%.
3.The germination energy increases by 4 to 5%.
4.The mixture of the magnetic powder treated seeds prevents the development of microorganisms, parasitic on the seeds.
5.Contamination of the material affect the cleaning effect, but does not affect the loss of full seeds in the waste.
6.Magnetic separation of seed material is used where the impossible sorting sieve or are processed.
Thus, the magnetic separation method is the most efficient and reliable. Triflin facilitates production of seeds that meet the standards of seed standard.

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