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Black caviar TM Hayko Russian Sturgeon is not vestertana 125 gr.

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:715 UAH
Seller:Pavlik Dmitrij
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Russian Sturgeon caviar downhole not vestertana, without preservatives, salt and eggs of the highest varieties which are bred in clean areas of Switzerland. The quality speaks for itself, as this caviar is grown and Packed in the EU, where strictly complied with all rules. If You want a taste of real Russian caviar, which many have long forgotten, this caviar is just right for You. It contains all vitamins and useful properties, in contrast to farmed sturgeon caviar in Russia, as anybody not a secret that Russian caviar has long ceased to be such as she was. In Russian caviar add all new chemicals that allow to store long eggs and useful properties that it should be - the manufacturer does not care, the main thing that would sell. It remains only brand name "Russian caviar" and all the caviar itself has become not just a business more. So if You want a quality product that will really care about Your health, better caviar TM Heiko today don't You just find. Direct delivery of Switzerland, delivery time up to 7 days. Try this spawn once, You will be our customer. The only condition is that the order of at least 500 grams. Price varies on the order quantity. All additional information on the website"