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Vermicompost is superior manure and composts on the humus content in 8-10 times

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:3 RUR
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Address:Russian Federation, Krasnodarskiy Kray, Krasnodar

Vermicompostis product recycling of organic waste technological worms (Vladimir). Earthworms digest any organic material .the manure.the sheets. paper.rotten Buriak.kapusty carrots.waste wastewater. Absorbing a huge amount of vegetable precipitation, nematodes , bacteria, fungi, algae. Worms prospector (Vladimir) digest, highlighting together with large coprolites the amount of humus, native microflora , amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, other biologically active substances that inhibit pathogenic microflora. When this organic matter loses its smell, decontaminated, acquires a granular form and accepted by the smell of the earth.

    In unlike manure Vermicompostnot has inertia - plants react to it immediately has no specific smell, easy to use, because it dose make 10 times less than the manure.

     It is proved that the humates contained in VermicompostE. non-toxic, not carcinogenic, not mutagens that are not toxic to embryos.

     About the effectiveness of Vermicompost indicate the following: if bedding manure, soil, gives a yield increase (year) grain - 10-12%, potatoes - 10-20%, Vermicompost (year) gives an increase in grain yield of 30-40%, potatoes 50-80% and more, and vegetables 40-50%.

The soil remains full productiveness and in subsequent years (up to 5 years).In addition to increasing yield note: visibly reduced lines maturation, the Effect of Vermicompostand is especially effective when the drought, frosts, overload nitrogen, oxygen starvation. Under the influence of Vermicompost in soil is the process of accelerated decay pesticides, got in it, and the accumulation of toxic substances in plants reduced Vermicompost produce worms PROSPECTOR (VLADIMIR) nazvanie worm speaks for itself

Delivery in the regions of Russia.Belarus.or pickup.