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Dry cleaning and polishing surfaces

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Seller:Aleksandr Saryichev
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Address:Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast', Donetsk
American company FFI offers to Your attention: ECO-SHEEN™.
Used for "dry cleaning" ( sink without a single drop of water ) and polishing any glossy painted surfaces of cars, motorcycles, car, metal, glass, mirrors, fiberglass, chrome.
Effect of surface treatment of the "hot wax" with water-repellent properties.
Very comfortable in the house: the kitchen, in the bathroom, washing mirrors, Windows, etc.
Features : Cleans, polishes and protects surfaces without water. Safe for all types of paint. Effectively removes dirt, grease, stains, grime, road tar, etc.
The formula does not scratch the paint on the car, because each time you apply the dirt particles immediately capsulised and easily removed. When applying this product to the surface of the thin protective layer. The effect of increasing liquid palm wax,which protects the surface. After final treatment, dry cloth remains a treatment effect of hot wax which protects the surface from water, dust, tar stains, aerosol paints, protein from insects, tar and adhesive biomass of flowering and coniferous trees, etc.
Method of application :
1. Take some of the pressure movements of the pump to create in the vial pressure.
2. Apply a layer on the surface of the car. Spray straight, right on the dirt and stains.
3. RUB and lightly buff with a soft dry cloth.
In any weather : heat, cold, fog - Your car will Shine !
One bottle ( 236 ml ) is sufficient to handle 3-4 times the surface of the car type Sedan together with glass without a single drop of water.