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Fuel system cleaning car

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:24 $
Seller:Aleksandr Saryichev
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Address:Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast', Donetsk
American company FFI offers to Your attention: professional fuel system cleaning car MPG-MAX-PRO™. What does it do ? Every 20 - 40 thousand miles on the injectors and the injectors of the engine are formed of resinous deposits and deposits, which greatly affects the efficiency of the engine. This leads to a reduction in efficiency , capacity, and consequently to an increase of fuel consumption. Deposits build up on all the details of the fuel path, but the greatest influence they have in the area of the nozzle needle. Changes in flow area change performance and spray pattern.
Therefore, the state of the nozzles significantly affect the operation of the engine. The main signs of their failure are : lack of power developed by the motor, jumps and dips with increasing engine load, unstable operation at low speed, the increased toxicity of exhaust gases.
The first and main way to restore the normal operation of the injectors is their washing. Wherein the cleaning solution should not affect the elements of the fuel path, as well as valves, seals, gaskets, engine etc.
One bottle ( 236 ml ) cleans clogged fuel injector, injectors, carburetor, helps to restore lost engine power and prevents excess fuel. Absolutely safe.
Application : it is necessary to pour the entire contents of the bottle in your tank before filling, then fill the tank with fuel.
To save fuel you can also add MPG-BOOST™ .
When combined with combustion catalysts the effect of fuel economy You will get much faster.
This method is effective for the regular removal of relatively small amounts of dirt and is more of a preventive nature.
CAUTION - Remove old deposits using this method can lead to the opposite result.
In this case, it is best to contact customer service a HUNDRED.