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The improved conditioning of the surface of the metal

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Seller:Aleksandr Saryichev
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Address:Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast', Donetsk
American company FFI offers to Your attention: environmental conditioning additive for oil - MPG-EXTRA™ for an internal combustion engine ( ice ) which is used with any type of oil.
MPG-EXTRA™ can significantly reduce friction, temperature and wear of rubbing parts, to increase the oil change interval in three and a corresponding increase in the service life of 2 to 3 times. Increases mechanical efficiency of the engine. Constant viscosity reduces the number of dry runs. Assisting the engine to start in cold weather.
Unlike oils which just cover the metal surface MPG-EXTRA™ provides highly diffuse solid film on the surface of the metal. The effect is felt almost immediately after a few minutes of engine operation.
Application : engines, transmissions, steering mechanisms, differentials, pumps, hydraulic systems, universal joints, transmission, bearing.
Used on old and new car warranty in.
Occur the following points to improve engine operation: increased power, increased torque, increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, a sharp decline in overheating and wear, cleaning of metal surfaces from harmful pollutants, soot and tar.
It is important to understand that MPG-EXTRA™ kit and restores damage, wear and scuffing of moving parts ( i.e. ceased to use the product effect gradually went away and everything was back to its original state ).
Does not contain Teflon or fluorocarbon. Not kuriruet and not corrosive to yellow metals.
Dosage : for the engine and gearbox of any type : mix with oil in the ratio of 1 : 16 .
Packaging : comes in a bottle 236 ml ( based on 4 l of oil ).