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daily Zaplata

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk

Private enterprise implements unlimited the number of daily young birds:

Broiler COBB-500 and ROSS-308.

And also accepting applications for:

 - chickens purpose breeds: Tetra N , Tetra CL, Rebro, Toxicit, Red Wizard;

 - chicken egg breeds: Tetra CL, Lohmann-Brown, Dominants;

 - duck cross Blagovarskii, cherry valley duck broiler Motley, Mulard

 - geese: Large grey, Legart

 - turkeys broiler BIG 6, Moscow white ;

 - quail: Pharaoh, Japanese.

Feed for all kinds of birds, ottoway.

Provide services of incubation. Incubare any egg