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Septic tank plastic

Offer type: salePublished: 27.09.2021
Price:5 200 UAH
Seller:Malina Aleksandra
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Address:Chernihivs'ka Oblast', Ichnya, Ukraine

SEPTIC the capacity of high-strength polyethylene with a wall thickness of 8 mm, (which allows bury it in the ground to a depth of 2 m) without any additional measures to ensure the strength of the product. The SEPTIC tank is the first and main the cleaning step in the self-contained Sewerage system. The SEPTIC tank receives all wastewater from homes where they are pre anaerobic treatment. The self-contained Sewerage system is located underground and is a the system does not pollute the environment. The self-contained Sewerage system is not spreading the odor, and flowing drains are not a threat to plants surface and groundwater. The septic tank is pre-treatment, where wastewater is treated in a 65-70%. Cleaning occurs due to anaerobic bacteria, and fermentation process

At the ends septic tank is equipped with two nozzles with a diameter of 110mm to connect sewer pipes.

Septic tank comes with basket filter material and hatch

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