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Industrial gear oil

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Seller:Grigor'eva Anna
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Shell Omala S2 G oils are high - quality oil with extreme pressure properties, developed primarily for the lubrication of industrial gears operating under severe conditions. High load carrying capacity and anti-friction characteristics provide excellent performance in gears.

Long oil life - lower maintenance costs

The composition of the Shell Omala S2 G oils are designed to provide resistance to thermal and chemical degradation throughout the life of the oil. Resistance to high temperatures and the formation of deposits provides increased service life of the oil even when the oil temperature up to 100°C, in some applications.

Excellent protection against wear and corrosion

Excellent load carrying capacity reduces the wear on both steel and bronze components of the bearings and gear teeth. Shell Omala S2 G protivostoit corrosion, protecting both steel and bronze components, even in the presence of water and particulates.

The performance of the equipment

Great demolicious properties Shell Omala S2 G oils make it easy to remove the water from the lubrication system, prolonging the life of the gears and providing a more efficient lubrication. Water can significantly improve the surface fatigue of gears and bearings as well as cause corrosion on internal surfaces. This is why you should avoid getting water in the oil or immediately delete it from your system.
The scope of

Closed gear boxes

The composition of the Shell Omala S2 G oils is effective gray-phosphorous additive package that gives the oil an excellent extreme pressure properties and ensuring trouble-free operation of most of enclosed gear drives, construction of which includes a steel spur and helical gears.

Heavy-duty gearboxes

Effective extreme pressure additive package properties allows you to use Shell Omala S2 G oils for heavily loaded gearboxes.

Other applications

Shell Omala S2 G oils are suitable for lubrication of bearings and other parts which are lubricated by splash or circulation lubrication systems.

For heavily loaded worm gears are recommended oils collection Shell Omala with the suffix "W". In automotive hypoid gears should apply the appropriate product from the family of Shell Spirax.
Specifications and approvals

Meets ISO 12925-1 type CKD, except ISO 6801000) DIN 51517 part 3 (CLP), except ISO 680-1000) AGMA 9005 - EO2 (EP) US Steel 224 David Brown S1.53.101, 102, 103, 104 Cincinatti Machine P34, 35, 59, 63, 74, 76-78