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Compressor oil

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Shell Corena S2 R - high-quality oil with detergent properties for air compressors. Ensures reliable lubrication of rotary vane and screw air compressors. High-stable additive package ensures protection and efficiency of compressors operating at a temperature of injected air to 100°C and pressures up to 15 bar intervals between oil changes up to 4000 hours.

Long oil life - lower maintenance costs

Use Shell Corena S2 R allows you to extend the time of oil change up to 4000 hours (where permitted by the equipment manufacturer) even when operating with a maximum temperature of inlet air of 100°C. Shell Corena S2 R provides a resistance to the formation of carbon deposits in the grooves of the plates vane compressors-resistance to Deposit formation on the rotating elements of screw compressors-high purity internal working surfaces, especially of the separator and the coagulator. The exact oil change interval depends on the quality of the injected air, the operation mode and the external environment. For hot and humid climate, such as in Asia and the Pacific, it is recommended to reduce the oil change interval (check with the equipment manufacturer's recommendations).

Exceptional wear protection

Shell Corena S2 R effectively protects the internal metal surfaces from corrosion and wear. Contains the proven package of anti-wear additives, which helps to increase the service life of critical components such as bearings and gears.

The performance of the equipment

Good deaerating and foam properties - critical characteristics of compressor oils for reliable starting and smooth operation of the equipment. Shell Corena S2 R quickly separates the air without excessive formation of foam, ensuring smooth operation even under varying external conditions.

In addition, Shell Corena S2 R does not form stable emulsions in the oil-air separator and dehumidifiers.
The scope of

Vane rotary air compressors

Suitable for oil-flooded air compressors and compressors with direct injection oil.

Screw air compressors

Suitable for oil-flooded compressors or compressors, lubricated by injecting oil at the temperature of the injected air to 1000 C pressure up to 15 bar. And equipment mobile equipment, such as construction or railway, operating in severe conditions.

Rotary vacuum pumps

Shell Corena S2 R may be used in rotary and vane vacuum pumps. To obtain the average vacuum to 1x10-3 mbar recommended to use Shell Vacuum Pump Oil S2 R 100.

Compatibility with seal materials:

Shell Corena S2 R compatible with seal materials specified for use with mineral oils.

Specifications and approvals

Shell Corena S2 R meets the requirements of ISO 6743-3A-DAH. Oil Shell Corena S2 R is widely known and used by major manufacturers of compressor equipment worldwide.