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Seller:Belyaeva Elena Sergeevna
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Monoethanolamine (2-aminoethanol) - organic compound, a representative of the class of alcohols, oily liquid, miscible with water in all respects, has a strong alkaline properties.

Applies to:

  • As absorbents "sour" gases (H2S, CO2, SO2, etc.) in the purification of process gases in the petrochemical, gas and chemical industries. The absorbed gas stands out by heating the solution, regenerated monoethanolamine sent to recycle;
  • As raw materials for emulsifiers, dispersants, stabilizers foams, detergents and cleaning tools, shampoos, surfactants, etc.;
  • To obtain diamine, N-vinylpyrrolidone and other chemical products;
  • In the pharmaceutical industry as buffering agents and to stabilize emulsions;
  • In the production herbicides, cosmetics, antihistamines