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Gentle and affectionate Denmark in good hands!

Offer type: otherPublished: 01.03.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk
If your house is empty, and you do not hear the rustle,
Outside, winter, Blizzard, and soul in turmoil heap...
They will scatter Denmark - gentle creature,
Her gentleness, warmth, quiet purr...
Annoying not to be Denmark -Daniska,
But will appreciate Your kindness wonderful pussy
Denmark fragile, delicate, cute, but modest,
And caring hostess is very fit she is!

Denmark the owner of the gorgeous and fashionable striped kamyshevoe coat, huge green eyes and a nice character.
Denmark - Cosi gentle and affectionate, mercatelli the motor is working properly, the absolute is open to new people. Loves to sit on his hands and is located next to the man. Conflict-free, gets along well with other cats. Smart, well mannered.
Neat and tidy. She is healthy and sterilized.
Find out the details about the Danya 050 561 01 10, 097 630 21 30 Anya