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Sold Basenji puppies from kennel “Nzuri Basenji”

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Seller:Paralyush Tat'yana Valer'evna
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Brovary

30. 11. 2012 saw the light 7 charming basenko: 4 boys(3 brindle and red),3 girls (2 - red and tiger).Puppies bred, well grown,with good health,and excellent cheerful character with the international documents.All puppies are show potential, pedigrees of the parents is the best blood of Sweden, Finland, Russia.All owners our puppies we guarantee comprehensive assistance and support in growing, the education and career exhibition pet.

Breed Basenji African taciturn" is one of the oldest breeds of dogs on Earth. It's not a big, smooth, extremely graceful and intelligent dog, similar to graceful Gazelle. One of the features of the Basenji is no barking, but it gives the different sounds that correspond not only to a particular situation, but it mood. Another feature is the wool that is virtually allergies, never smells, even if it becomes wet and not moult it's significant once a year. Basenji incredibly clean: puddles bypass party. The perfect dog for keeping in the house. Some found it loving each other is a cheerful companion, escape the loneliness. Third proud of exhibitions.

The father of the puppies - Junior champion of Ukraine, champion of Ukraine -ECHO NYOTA Alisina Zvezdochka (color tiger), a very promising male kennel, son, 2 times champion of Eurasia 2011 and grandson of World Champion in 2009 and Vice World 2011.

The mother of the puppies - champion of Ukraine - Gold Moon Light Alisina Zvezdochka (color red-white), daughter of the champion and the granddaughter titled dogs in Russia and Europe.

Details about the breed and the puppies on the website nursery or by phone (+38) 098 407 20 95.