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Enamel for the restoration of the baths by the method of filling

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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
  • Epoxy-Krylova decomponent enamel is made from raw materials of European manufacturers (Bayer, Dow Chemical, Spolchemie).
  • Appearance: white color, homogeneous, glossy and smooth.
  • Method of application by filling.
  • Eyal introduced with hardener suitable for application within 60 minutes (at room temperature).
  • The recommended flow rate with enamel the curing agent to the bath 1.5 m - 3.4 kg; on the bath 1.7 m - 4 kg.
  • Full curing of the enamel when room temperature for 24 hours.

Attention! Enamel solvents not diluted

Cooking and the application of the working composition

  • Before the introduction of hardener in the Foundation must comply with the following conditions: components should be the room temperature. If the enamel is cold it needs to be warmed up, putting hermetically closed container in hot water, and cook for a few minutes, then the enamel needs to be well mixed.
  • The introduction of the curing agent based is made before the application. Thus it is necessary to pay attention for thorough mixing or mixer or manually.
  • Prepared a working structure apply on the surface of the bath by the method of filling.