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Enamel epoxy for restoration baths

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Company:Amid S
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

The two-component enamel polyurethane for restoration baths

Properties coverage:

  • high-gloss surface;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • resistance to changes temperatures;
  • the chemical resistance;

Preparation surface: enamel is applied prepared degreased surface. The surface is prepared mechanical Stripping the old coating or priming (filling).

Preparation enamel:components the enamels are mixed immediately before application. Thoroughly mixed basis mixed with hardener. If necessary, diluted to a viscosity.

Solvent: xylene, butyl acetate or ethyl acetate.

Application: by brush, roller or spray. Apply enamel in two layers with intermediate drying to "tack" for 30-40 minutes at 20°C. it is allowed to dry, then a temperature not exceeding 60°C.

Coverage: 350-400 g/m2 for two coats.

Storage: the components are kept in a hermetically closed container. To avoid ingress of moisture.

Enamel it is made in white color. Colored enamel prepared using a pigment pastes supplied by the manufacturer. The use of other pigments unacceptable.