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Enamel epoxy for restoration baths

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Enamel epoxy for restoration baths

COMPOSITION: Is a suspension pigments and fillers in a solution of epoxy resin in a mixture of organic solvents with addition of hardener.

PURPOSE: To paint metal surfaces exposed to the action of hot alkaline solutions.

FEATURE: Short drying time, high resistance to abrasion, water and salt solutions.

THINNER: Solvent 646

METHOD APPLICATION:Spray, the brush.


Preparation reason:Before holding the paint work surfaces must be cleaned from dirt, dust, rust, scale, oil and lubricants technical. If necessary, primed primer-filler EP-0010.

Preparation material:Front the application of the enamel, you must add the hardener and mix thoroughly dilute to working viscosity. The shelf life of enamel, mixed with hardener, at least 24 h at a temperature of 18-22°C.

Measures precautions:Material flammable, toxic. During painting works indoors adequate ventilation. For hand protection to use rubber gloves.

Storage: Components of enamel are stored in a tightly closed container. Warranty period of storage of semi-finished enamel 12 months from date of manufacture in the manufacturer's original containers.