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Lemberg (Lemberg) humpback 500 grams of metal. Bank (Germany)

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:230 UAH
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Red caviar - famous fish delicacy. Salmon caviar is made only by a granular way. It happens so. First spawn release from films and ROE (fish ovaries) by using sieves with the diameter of the cells, coinciding with the diameter of the eggs. After a total peeled eggs immersed in a concentrated salt solution for a certain time from 8 to 15 minutes. When the salt solution is completely drained, add preservatives and Packed in jars.

Price 230 UAH.-500 gr. top grade

shelf life up to 6 months at a temperature of from 0° to +6°C

Gentle to taste caviar salmon just melts in your mouth and has a delicate aroma of the sea.

Additional plastic cover that is convenient for storage after printing out the banks.

ingredients: caviar salmon species of fish, salt, E200

Manufacturer: Caviar-Haus "Lemberg"

Supplier: company EuroFood (Euro Food)

Seller: caviar online store Caviar ' AE (Kavyarnya)

Official site TM Lemberg (Lemberg), Ukraine

Our offices are located in all big cities of Ukraine for clarification, please call us.

You can find us on caviar.od.uacaviar online store Caviar`nya (Kavyarnya).

Shipping to all Ukraine courier delivery.