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Lemberg (Lemberg) salmon Kremlin standard 300 grams of metal. Bank (Germany)

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:160 UAH
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Red caviar - caviar fish of the salmon family. On the usefulness of red caviar is legendary. Folk medicine recommends to use it when various problems: the lack or excess weight, anemia, reduced hemoglobin, Oncology, diseases of the thyroid gland and other diseases. In primarily valuable protein of red caviar. It is absorbed much faster and easier than proteins, meat and dairy products, and eggs a lot of them - to 32%. Caviar contains iodine in easily digestible form (for thyroid), phosphorus (bones and teeth), iron (haemoglobin of the blood), potassium, folic acid, polyunsaturated fatty acids for the prevention atherosclerosis), vitamins a, D and E (to boost immunity and prolongation youth).

The price of 160 USD.-300 gr.

You can find us on "икра" caviar online store Caviar ' AE (Kavyarnya).

Delivery across Ukraine by courier.


shelf life up to 6 months at a temperature of from 0° to +6°C

Gentle on kusirakood just melts in your mouth and has dancemarathon.

Additional plastic cover that is convenient for storage after printing out the banks.

composition: Transocean paragrab, salt, E200

Manufacturer: Caviar-Haus "Lemberg"

Supplier: company EuroFood (Euro Food)

Seller: caviar online store Caviar ' AE (Kavyarnya)

Official site TM Lemberg (Lemberg), Ukraine

Our offices are located in all big cities of Ukraine for clarification, please call us.