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Alabai puppies with documents KSU

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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Kryvyi Rih


- "excellent" exhibitions,

- ranks "excellent" on breeding show October 2010 , may 2011 ,

- received the title of "best Junior of breed"+ 3rd prize in the "best of show" among juniors in 2010,

passed the test on the stability of nervous system 2011 ,

- exhibition 2011 -- 1st place in class "InterMedia" (CAC), 1st place in the specialty show class "InterMedia"(CAC)

- exhibition 2012 - outdoor class "excellent"

Central Asian shepherd dog or Alabai, very robust, confident in their abilities and fearless dog, with a strong protective instinct.

Despite their fighting skills, Central Asian shepherd dog is known for its tranquility and serenity.

Alabai usually get along well with children in the family, always taking on the function of protection. However, Central Asian shepherd dog, enough playful and they turn out wonderful companions, including for children.


At home in Turkmenistan medium Asian shepherd dog called "Alabai". So, if You are in various articles and books met this name, you know who you are talking about-Central Asian shepherd, Turkmen Volkodav. View this Turkmen affects the harmony of strength and nobility, it seems that nature to the minutest details have thought through its external . Scorching wind desert has trimmed its shape without leaving any trail. The entire exterior of Asian amazes with smooth lines and completeness proportions. When the selection of the fighting dogs in breeding preference not just large and physically strong individuals, but only those which were distinguished by courage, determination in battle, strong nervous system and the ability to easily endure pain. Typically, blood fighting dogs poradnia, stronger, and physically stronger than usual modern herding dogs. These dogs are remarkably large, powerful bone, charactersto, muscled, balanced and rational adding and confidence in his power, boundless courage and independence, a sharp mind and an innate instinct to protect their territory.

Indeed, in Central Asia life is not the sugar. Under these conditions, for hundreds of years live Asians. They are perfectly adapt to sudden change of weather. Central Asian shepherd dog excellent feel in the cold and in the heat. Moreover, in these conditions they live and work on a very poor diet, much of which they get on its own, catching small animals. After all this reading I the reader there is a reasonable question: how is this wonderful a dog that lives in unimaginable conditions, and protecting the flock, goes on mortal combat with any enemy? DELIVERY IN UKRAINE