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Antimony trioxide catalytic type

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Seller:Lyu Tsun
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Address:China, Shenyang

HUACHANG MINING LIMITED offers you the trioxide of antimony catalytic type.

Brand Five Stars

Product specification

Sb2O3 99.85:

Sb2O3: 99.85%min; As2O3: 300ppm max; PbO: 300ppm max; Fe2O3: 20ppm max; CuO: 20ppm max; Se : 20ppm max; L: 97;

Sb2O3 99.90:

Sb2O3: 99.90%min; As2O3: 200ppm max; PbO: 100ppm max; Fe2O3: 10ppm max; CuO: 10ppm max; Se: 50ppm max; L: 97;

Sb2O3 99.90:

Sb2O3:99.90%min; As2O3: 50ppm max; PbO: 50ppm max; Fe2O3: 10ppm max; CuO: 10ppm max; Se: 5ppm max; L: 97;

The packaging: 25kg\bag or according to customers requirement.

Our company is one of the leaders of the Chinese market for the production of antimony products and other industrial raw materials. We are working on sincerity, guarantee quality and delivery time.

Purpose: mainly used as catalyst for polyester industry synthetic walkon. Antimony trioxide catalytic type: ultra pure products gogole has a high solubility, through these characters the product is accepted in the reactor PET in the form of a solution or suspension instead of the powder.

The condition of export trade: FOB, CFR, CIF

Characteristics and appearance: antimony trioxide catalytic type processed from high quality metal antimony special plasma technology. Feature: small size, few impurities, crystal good, the activity of large, easily sprayed.