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Aluminum wire AMC, AD1, AMG5, AMGN, AK

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Company:OOO 'PKP 'Armat'
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv


  Aluminum wire AMC, AD1, AMG5, AMGN, AC

  Aluminum wire - this solid profile, made of aluminum or its alloys, with very a small ratio of the cross-sectional area to length. From the way production, chemical composition and condition of the material properties depend rolled section. The condition of the material is aluminum wire can be:

 without heat processing (hot-pressed); annealed or soft (M); Nagarjuna (N). Cold deformation contributes to the hardening of the material, and annealing improves ductility and machinability of the material by cutting.

    Aluminum wire is used in many industries: food industry (sausage, beer, tea); shipbuilding; welding structures; in the production of wires, cables and other conductive networks. It is also used in construction, mechanical engineering. Because it produces decorative items and furniture accessories. It is used as binding and fusing of the electrodes during welding.

    The company sells aluminum wire marks AMC, AD1, AMG5, AMGN, AT different diameters: from 1.6 to 4.0 mm

    We also offer on implementation :
- a sheet of aluminum;
- aluminum pipe;
rod aluminum.

   All products implemented from a warehouse in Kiev wholesale and retail at an affordable price.

LLC "MCC "Armat"

phone 067 209 70 60, (044) 507-16-14